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Are you feeling that your partner is ignoring you? In everybody’s life, there comes ups and downs, the differences are created, so you need to control the life of your partner so that the harsh conditions may not take him/ her away from you. It's always fun to get lost in love and romance but there is also a severe need of strong hold on your partner’s life.

It's not that easy to get wrapped up in sharing everyday life with your partner. You need to make many compromises and holding your partner while doing that is the most important and crucial thing. You might always dream of living a very happy married life with your partner but there are chances that you do not get the same in return. There can be a number of raison d'être accountable for such behavior like the difference of goal, financial problems, the husband might be favoring his family and not considering you, he/ she may be attracted more towards some other person. These can be the reasons of the big cleft between you and your partner, he/she may always break your trust, or may not be honest with you. At this point of time, instead of lying in your bed and crying over your destiny is useless. It is time for action, as it is never too late to work for your improvement. Here, Pandith Vishnu suggests hundreds of mantras or Pujas have power over your partner. These sure shot remedies are being implemented over many years. Even if you fear that your husband/ wife are into an extra-marital affair, he/she might have been compelled to do so by some black magic or spell or due to bad planetary positions. So it is your duty to bring him/her back into your life if they are moving on the wrong path.