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Where does your new love will take you? You may not pay attention to such things in the starting of any relation. Once you fall in love, the ultimate step is marriage and raising a family. Actually, marriage does give us strength but it leaves no room to backtrack because it's quite hard to get out of it, and so it makes us fight more to keep it together. It is well-known that a stitch in time saves nine i.e. to be cautious in the starting of any relation and consult a really skillful astrologer to know that where your new love of life does take you. New love comes with many fears; it may have low and high times so it is the need of the hour that you understand the criticality of the situation and handle it when it is in its ebb tide.

Expectation loiters in the DNA of every conscious being, but don't get your hopes very high in the sky. If you do so then you are declaring the war against the ancient genetic programming. If your expectations are high from your love then the conflicts are inevitable but the reason of these quarrels can be much more like the incompatibility due to non-matching of Guna or the position of the stars. So one can be cautious by knowing it before it arrives and ruins your love life.

If you have finally fallen in love but not sure where it will go? What new will it bring to you? Ask Pandith Vishnu, the well-known Astrologer, who will do away with all your qualms and question marks. Most of the problems are predestined due to the lack of compatibility of the stars with a tinge of different thought processes of the two persons who are in relation.