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There is always some madness in love and always there is some reason in the madness. It is a well-accepted fact that in a fight between husband and wife, any third party should never interfere between the woman's skillet and the man's ax-helve. But it is also true that their fight is inevitable and sometimes it is necessary to solve such problems in a timely manner. So if you feel that such problems are growing between both of you and you fear that it might result into some bad results like divorce or breaking of your marriage.

For years your wedding ring might have done its job. It might have led you into the temptation. But between all this, the unique convoluted temperament of the different people complicates the process which is not understandable by all. The real act of marriage does not take place, in the ballroom or church or synagogue, it actually takes place in the hearts of the couple. It's a choice for lifetime that you make - not just on the wedding day, but over and over again by maintaining your relationship time to time. And definitely that very choice is reflected in the way you treat your husband or wife. But sometimes due to some unavoidable reasons, the problems may grow like a mountain which may seem unfathomable. The hush-hush of any happy marriage is not in just finding the right person but keeping the love alive forever between you. You might accept that the other person is right but still unable to accept it due to ego problems but there can be also the influence of black magic on your relation. So it is not in your capacity to solve such problems. You need someone more powerful who can fight with those evil forces. The only way out is to reach a reliable astrologer like Pt. Vishnu who has years of experience in solving such problems.